Our Vision

“Even before one vine was planted in the winery’s vineyards, Lenny Recanati and Uri Shaked had already planted the dream.” The dream was to bring quality wines to connoisseurs in Israel and overseas and to make Recanati Winery synonymous with international excellence in the world of wine.

Lenny Recanati and Uri Shaked, now at the forefront of the Israeli wine industry, began their journey in 2000 and are improving all the time. They and their winemaking team share a common vision and a font of inspiration – to produce local, Israeli wine that will express the region’s special terroir. Like a unique fingerprint belonging exclusively to Recanati Winery wines. In the early years, Recanati’s winemaking team studied the classic international varieties, examining – harvest after harvest – the ideal quality and the best growing areas to distill their clearest Israeli flavor and expression. But it was only after a few years, during a night harvest in 2007, that they came up with a revolutionary idea. Wine production that would articulate a combination of classic and Mediterranean varieties. After the Mediterranean revolution – in which Recanati Winery was a major player with its Wild Carignan Wine – along came another breakthrough: wine produced from the Marawi variety. An authentic Israeli variety, 3,000 years old, that grew wild in a very special vineyard.

The pursuit of excellence and innovative experiments are the heart and soul of Recanati Winery and these examples are just a sip of what wine lovers can expect in the future. Behind every Recanati Winery logo is a boutique wine giving total expression to its regionality. Genuine Mediterranean wine that never fails to excite with every flavor. And today, after many years of investment, passion and love, it is no coincidence that Recanati wines are winning awards, compliments and high scores from the most influential and important wine critics in the world.

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לני רקנאטי ואורי שקד, הבעלים ביקב רקנאטי