Home Series

These series represent the available and accessible wines of Recanati. Under this house you will find all the series expressing the concept of the world of wine of Recanati Winery which emphasizes the connection between quality vineyards and quality mainstream wines.

Fresh & Young

This label expresses a main aspect of Recanati Winery’s winemaking style: young wines with pure fruit characteristics, fresh acidity and mesmerizing aromatics. Great early drinking wines that blend in naturally with the youthful and vibrant Mediterranean cuisine.

Galilee series

The Galilee label represents wines from one of the most unique and prestige wine growing regions in Israel. Through the last two decades, Recanati Winery planted, nurtured and developed many quality vineyards in the Galilee.
These were vines grown first and foremost with the objective to create diverse and harmonious wines, whilst reflecting the extraordinary and unique terroir.

Recanati Jonathan

The Jonathan label illustrates a secret of Recanati’s quality wines. They combine different, selected growing regions with sensitive and elegant winemaking. The wines are produced in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks in order to preserve their freshness and express pure fruit aromas.

Recanati Yasmin

The Yasmin label illustrates Recanati Winery’s authenticity and winemaking philosophy. It highlights the connection between precision viticulture, elegant winemaking and wines suitable for a culinary experience. Yasmin wines are aromatic, fresh, vibrant and show great purity.