‘Atelier’ represents the prestigious home of Recanati. Under the ‘Atelier’ house you will find all the high and prestigious boutique series of the brand.

Special Reserve

The Special Reserve series are the winery’s flagship wines. This collection perfectly expresses the best in every harvest, from outstanding vineyard plots. From these plots, Recanati’s winemakers produce the wines that exemplify the winery, the harvest and the terroir.

Single vineyard

All of our single vineyard wines are inseparable from our Mediterranean and local winemaking philosophy.
Each of them is being picked at the optimum time, in order to preserve their freshness, balanced acidity and stunning array of aromas.

Fresh & Young​

This label expresses a main aspect of Recanati Winery’s winemaking style: young wines with pure fruit characteristics, fresh acidity and mesmerizing aromatics. Great early drinking wines that blend in naturally with the youthful and vibrant Mediterranean cuisine.